Friday, January 13, 2017


 Today, we have an incredible metal band from Elmira, NY and they go by 'Sabella. These guys are much more than a metal band, they deliver hints of punk, rap, and grunge in their music. Just a few days ago, 'Sabella hit the road with Bungler, Kaonashi, and others for their first U.S. tour. In 2016 these guys released a split EP titled "Never Home" with Kaonashi. I will be sure to drop a track on those ears from this split. "Perennial" and "The Funeral" are the titles of their first two EPs from a few years back. 'Sabella is a personal favorite of mine and maybe you will dig too. Sabella consists of some of the most hungry hard charging hyenas out there. There is hardly a time these guys aren't out playing a show. And to finish things off before we get to those tunes, today Sabella went ahead and dropped some new material for us to pick up. The split track song is titled "Closed/Doors". If you like these guys go ahead and share it up, tell a friend, or even bring it up at the dinner table. Enjoy!

From the "Never Home" split EP
Sabella - Separation

And this new 2017 goodie
Sabella - Closed/Doors

Catch them at a place near you
WEST FOR THE WINTER tour schedule

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